Fire Mage
Category Magic
No-Skill Range Melee, Short
Walking Speed 4.50cps
Running Speed Unable to Run

Gear Base Damage Reduction:

Total: ?% BDR, -10%speed

Weapon: ?%

Armor: ?% BDR, -5%speed

Helmet: ?% BDR, -2.5%speed

Trinket: ?% BDR, -2.5%speed

Basic Melee:

D: 8

DD: 12

Dash: 12

Air-D: 10

Skills: Meteor: 30

Flame Wave: 15

  • Air variation is exactly the same in range/damage/cooldown

Teleport(Air Duration): 3seconds

Fire Proof(Duration): 15seconds

Fire Proof(Damage Buff): STR = [(STR*1.1)+20]


Meteor: 20seconds

Flame Wave: 28seconds

Teleport: 20seconds

Fire Proof: 25seconds