LS Hazama

Male and Female Hazama

The one who caused the Time Loop in BlazBlue and unleashed the Black Beast killing half the population has graced us with his presence in Lost Saga!

As a Master of Mobility, this Snake Chain wielding hero can get in and out of tight spots by using his Ouroboros and through his Ouroboros, he can deal tremendous amounts of damage through his Aerial Resets which can be up to three (3) consecutive aerial combos.


Total: 14%

Weapon: 7.5%

Armor: 5%

Hat: 2.5%

Trinket: 2.5%


D: 8

DD: 8

DDD: 10*

DDDD(1): 5

DDDD(2): 7

DDDD(3):9 Hold-D: 8

Hold-D(Air): 8

Dash-D: 7

Air D: 6

Rest of Air Combo is Untested


Dragon Serpent(1): 8*

Dragon Serpent(2): 4*

Dragon Serpent(3): 4*

Dragon Serpent(4): 8*

Dragon Serpent(5): 4*

Dragon Serpent(6): 8*

Revenge: 16

Rapture: 12

Rapture(Air): 12

Rapture(Ground Recovery):

Hungry Coils: 12

Cooldown (Under Construction)Edit


Hungry Coils:


Dragon Serpents: