A list of all Standard Terms used in various pages:


#.##c : The 'c' refers to one circle, specifically the circle around the every hero being controlled. The number is a multiplier of this circle. So 2.50c means 2 and 1/2 hero circles.

#.##sc : The measuring is the same as '#.##c' however it is actually describing not range, but how far YOUR character moves during the attack. So Lancer's 0.50sc means Lancer moves half a circle in the direction she is attacking. Note that if a direction is not stated, it is assumed the skill user moves in the direction of the skill's hits. IE Mafia's [Detonate] skill would have a -1.25sc remark on it since it moves AWAY from the target location by 1 and 1/4th of a circle.

#.##ec : Same as '#.##sc' however it is describing enemy pushback. Inversely, a negative number here indicates a PULL. For Example; Werewolf(Human) Air-D has 0.50ec which means it pushes back the enemy half a circle, while Unicorn Lancer's Dash-D has -1.50ec which means it pulls the enemy toward Lancer by 1 and a half circles.

#.##cps : Circles per Second : This is the current method to measure a unit's running speed. This is the number of hero circles(as a measurement) the hero traverses within one second.


WP/AR/HM/TK: The current "Weapon"/"Armor"/"Helm"/"Trinket" level of the hero.

STR/DEF/SPD/DEX: The current "Attack"/"Defense"/"Speed"/"Dexterity" stat of the hero.

BD: Base Damage: The amount of damage a hit does to a naked hero with 0 DEF.

BDR: Base Damage Reduction: The percentage of damage reduced by a gear before it is increased by DEF.