Succubus Set

Helmet:Succubus Horns

Grab a single oponent and causing an explosion of energy build from your palm.The damage and the altitude your oponent gets is determined by mashing the attack key.The max altitude results in fall damage.The explosion from the max damage can hit multiple targets if they are in range.If hit during the attack,you do not get the cooldown back.(Non-Counter,Medium-Cooldown)

Armour:Succubus Outfit

Fly towards and grab a single oponent causing them to be momentarily stuned(Standing)while also recharging your skills(Except your armour of course).They are stuned for about a full second.The lag sensitive version of this skill will sometimes recharge your skill instead of always,and will result in your oponent falling on the floor.(Catches Airbourn,Non-Counter,Medium Cooldown,Very Long Invincibility)

Trinket:Succubus Whip

Pulls out a whip that strikes the oponent multiple times before pulling them into you with the last strike.All of the hits are guard breakers.The whip can hit multiple targets in front of you.Mashing the attack key will cause more hits.(Non-Counter,Far Range,Very Long Invincibility)

Weapon:Has not yet been Announced

Has not yet been Announced