Unicorn Lancer
LS UnicornLancer
Category Melee
No-Skill Range Melee, Extended
Walking Speed 4.75cps
Running Speed 6.00cps

Hero: Unicorn Lancer

Gear Base Damage Reduction:

Total: 22.5%(Pure), 26.5%(Epic)

Weapon: 10.5%BDR

Armor: 8%BDR, -6.50% Speed

Helm: 4%BDR, -3.00% Speed

Trinket: 4%BDR, -3.0% Speed

Basic Melee:(damage is listed followed by range)

D : 9___|2.00c+(0.50sc)+(0.20ec)

DD : 9___|2.00c+(0.50sc)+(0.20ec)

DDD(1): 6___|2.00c+(0.25sc)+(0.25ec)

DDD(2): 6___|2.00c+(0.25sc)+(1.50ec)

Air-D: 8___|2.00c+(1.50sc)+(1.25ec)

Dash-D: 10___|1.50c+(1.00sc)+(-1.50ec)

Hold-D[MAX](1): 5___|2.00c+(2.00sc)+(1.00ec)

Hold-D[MAX](2): 5___|1.50c+(2.25sc)+(0.25ec)

Hold-D[MAX](3): 10___|2.50c+(0.75sc)+(1.75ec)

Hold-D[SEMI](1): 5___|2.00c+(2.00sc)+(1.00ec)

Hold-D[SEMI](2): 10___|2.50c+(0.75sc)+(1.75ec)

Hold-D[CANCEL]: +5 damage to current hit___|2.00c+(0.00sc)+(0.00ec)

NOTE: Hold-D cancel adds the first hit of a Hold-D onto the current melee hit. It can be used during both D and DD.


* Note: The use of * means that particular hit will render the target Airbourne, resulting in all following damage to be halved.

Joust(1): 8*___|4.00c+(1.00sc)+(1.00ec)

Joust(2): 8*___|2.00c+(1.00sc)+(0.50ec)

Joust(3): 8*___|2.00c+(1.00sc)+(0.50ec)

Joust(4): 8*___|3.00c+(1.00sc)+(2.00ec)

Mustang(1): 10*___|Circular 1.50c+(Circular 1.50sc)+(1.20ec)

Mustang(2): 10*___|Circular 1.50c+(Circular 1.50sc)+(1.20ec)

Mustang(3): 10*___|Circular 1.50c+(Circular 1.50sc)+(1.20ec)

Mustang(4): 10*___|Circular 1.50c+(Circular 1.50sc)+(1.20ec)

Impale(1): 6*___|1.50c+(Circular 1.00sc)+(1.00ec)

Impale(2): 6*___|1.50c+(Circular 1.00sc)+(1.25ec)

Impale(3): 8*___|1.50c+(Circular 0.25sc)+(0.50ec)

Impale(4): 4*___|0.25c+(Circular 0.00sc)+(0.75ec)

Note Implae's 4th hit: This is a variable that is impossible to accurately test. Therefore it is based on speculation, however the hit itself is assured to be no more than half of the 3rd hit, which when factoring the reduced damage via airbourne target; must be either 1or2(ergo 2or4 as the base damage).

Stallion:(10 second duration) : Nullifies all damage in a 90degree arc behind Unicorn Lancer.


Joust: 23seconds

Mustang: 25seconds

Impale: 22seconds

Stallion: 26seconds